Teachers Supply Outlet

Let's make education easier by having fun while we learn!


Maja M.

One of my favourite go-to stores for my kids! It feels like an endless quantity of the very best educational materials. The service is impeccable as well. Every time I go in for a specific need, the owner provides excellent recommendations targeted at their age group as well as extension items once they master that - he is VERY knowledgeable in every item they sell. 

Roxanne O.

Great selection of teacher products in stock! The owner is super helpful and will dig deep in the back storeroom to help you find what you're looking for! His prices are a lot cheaper than Scholar's Choice! Lots more inventory as well. 

Kari K.

Love love love the amazing service I always receive here! The owners always go above and beyond for their customers and give you the kind of personalized service you won't receive anywhere else. I have recommended GA to many teacher friends and they are NEVER disappointed! 

Amina S.

Aka “Teachers supplies outlet” is a store filled with valuable inventory of good books and games! You’ll be able find stuff that normally you may not find at other commercial book stores. The shop owner is a lovely and knowledgeable person who can recommend best games, toys and books for relevant age. He often gives discounts to me (I’m hoping he gives to everyone) and when I check the prices on amazon I always find out I’ve received a better deal. This shop owner introduced us to several mind strategy games which my kids love to play. 

Tiffany J.

I was in a hurry to pick up math tutoring books before the school year began and Ali knew the books I needed and was a great help. Thanks! 

Joan B.

I spoke to Ali over the phone and he got the reading support books ready for me to drop by that same day.